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Livingdocs allows you powerful editing capabilities with minimal friction.

Looking for the technical documentation?


Edit & Format

Click into a component and start writing. Select any text and format it or set links that are automatically validated.

Drag & Drop

Long-click any component and drag it where you want to have it. There are no boundaries to how you can layout your content.

Undo & Redo

Every action in Livingdocs, whether typing text or moving and deleting components, can be undone and redone.

Transform components

Thanks to the component-based nature of Livingdocs, you can easily transform content between different presentation forms.

Copy & Paste

Copy content from any website or application such as Microsoft Word and formats as well as paragraphs are kept in your Livingdoc.

Device previews

Preview your content in different device sizes and see your previews updating in real-time as you type.

Style options for components

Every component can expose styling options such as the scrolling behavior of a background image. Styling options are simple CSS modifiers, so there are no boundaries to what you can do with style options.

More editing features

  • Real-time collaboration (download high-res video)
  • Configurable spellchecker for various dictionaries
  • Configurable character counter

Media & Embeds

Livingdocs comes with powerful image editing features and media embeds

Bulk image upload

Select images or a whole folder and simply drop it on your Livingdoc to upload several images at once.

Crop images

Crop your images right in the Livingdocs editor using powerful features such as zoom&pan and freely configurable aspect ratios.

Embed videos

Embed Youtube or Vimeo videos and treat them like any other component in your document. Use the split screen preview to play your videos.

Embed tweets

With Livingdocs Tweet embeds you can communicate with the Twitter API, for example choosing if you want to see an image with your Tweet or not.

Embed iframes

Iframe embeds are easy. The hard part is to embed them responsively so they look good on all devices. With Livingdocs you can do this by choosing an aspect ratio for your Iframe.

Embed articles

You can easily embed every article written in Livingdocs with associated metadata and publish state. You can even embed teasers to external articles and completely customize them.

Image gallery

Livingdocs allows you to enrich components with Javascript, for example to create an image gallery. Simply toggle between the activated and the edit state via the sidebar.

Pages & Lists

Creating overview pages can be as easy as writing an article.

Teaser lists

Simply drop a teaser list component and choose the lists with the articles you want to be visible. Through the options sidebar you can set the number of shown teasers, advertisements, social media and more and view your result in the split view updating in real-time.

Order lists manually

The teasers that are shown on a page can be quickly changed through a list ordering tool.

Pages are documents

Livingdocs does not differentiate between articles and overview pages. Everything is a document. You can use all the features you have for articles such as cropping, embeds or inline editing in pages as well.

Publish pages

Add metadata and SEO optimization when you publish your page and see the page live in an instant.


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